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Traditional Cretan hospitality

Traditional Cretan hospitality, for which the residents of Sitia are known, remains deeply rooted within the souls of all Cretans, who instinctively follow the commands of the host Zeus. Treating is a way of living, a daily experience that indicates kindness and friendship to visitors and holds a central position in the Cretan home, café, festivals and any kind of social event.

The accommodation, hospitality and communication through the Cretan hospitality, promote the conservation of Cretan heritage.


Romantic getaways

The city where the most significant representative of Cretan Literature Vitsentzos Kornaros was born and lived, inspired the poet to write one of the most famous Love stories…the one of Erotokritos and Aretousa. The city of Sitia is described by visitors as one of the most romantic destinations of Crete.

4 kilometers outside the city of Sitia, away from noise, Lassion Golden Bay Hotel, consists one of the best choices for those who desire romantic getaways in nature. The hotel’s unique architecture, the majestic view of the deep blue sea as well as the view of the mountains of Agia Fotia, coexist harmoniously so that in addition to our excellent and discreet services, we can offer you a unique experience.

Enjoy walks along the coast overlooking the sunset and observe the sky filling with idyllic colors.

So follow the path of Erotoktritos and Aretousa in a unique and romantic journey.


Vacations for the whole family

The quiet and picturesque Sitia with shallow and clean beaches consists for many years a favorite destination for those who seek carefree holidays with their family. Lassion Golden Bay is an ideal destination for small and big families. The large area of the hotel unit and its quiet gardens, allow our young guests to enjoy their vacations comfortably, close to their parents. A specially designed part of the pool with appropriate depth which allows even the youngest children to swim, allows them to play all the time. After swimming our little friends can enjoy alcohol free cocktails. Over the lawn, with several games ready to be explored, they can have unforgettable playing moments.

In our hotel, both young and adult friends, can use all sports facilities of the unit, without extra cost. In the afternoon you can borrow a book from our library or surf the internet from the main lobby of our hotel. The best family vacations take place in Lassion Golden Bay.


”Christos Anesti”… in Lassion Golden Bay

In Crete, an island full of myths and history, Easter, the greatest festival of Orthodoxy, is celebrated with such enthusiasm and reverence as nowhere else in Greece.

“Holy Week” and Easter are celebrated in Sitia with unique charm and brilliance, both in the city of Sitia and in the beautiful Monastery of Toplou, which is situated just 2 kilometers away from the hotel, as well as the small village of Agia Fotia of Sitia, where the hotel is located as well as within the hotel.

The ceremony of Epitaph on Good Friday has a special local character.

In one of the most energetic places of the world, the people’s voices during “Christos Anesti”, cover the priest’s voice, and the “Defte Lavete Fos” (get the light) is accompanied by colorful fireworks, kisses and the traditional “burning of Judas”…

Easter traditional sweets and food provide a special color these days and the Cretan nature, bloomed with colorful wildflowers, gives a special touch of beauty to the celebration, highlighting the nature’s rebirth, a fact that is traditionally combined to the man’s rebirth, as well as Easter.

Live the unique experience of Eastern Cretan Tradition in Sitia by choosing Lassion Golden Bay for you and your family.


Journey to a dream

With the colors of the sunset forming the most beautiful natural background to the magnificent pool and gardens of the unit, just on the sea, ESCUDO LIFE STYLE creates your own personal paradise for the special moments in your life. Especially focused on summer lovers, ESCUDO LIFE STYLE transforms your party, your wedding reception, the christening event of your child or every special event, to an endless fairytale, with the beautifully decorated round tables, the airy fabrics and the unique illumination of the hundreds of candles.

The most beautiful memories for you and your guests


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