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Crete is an island of unique beauty that charms without exception even the most demanding traveller. Is the fifth larger island in the Mediterranean and the southern tip of Europe. Unique and yet the largest island of Greece covering an area of 8.336 sq. km and over 1.000 km of coastline: this is Crete. From ancient times Crete constituted a crossroads between East and West, Africa and Europe. This accounts for the special culture of the Cretans.

The history of Crete begins 8.000 years ago, but it was the Minoan community that provided the island a special place in history of nations and civilization (the 2.500p. Ch.). In mythology, in a cave in Lassithi, Rhea hid the newborn Zeus. Again in Crete, Zeus disguised as a bull, brought Europe to live his love with her. Their son was Minoas, who ruled Crete and created the oldest civilization of the European continent. The important archaeological sites found around the island and the major findings, certify the great history of the island. But the charm of Crete is not only in the past.

A vibrant island, suitable for all ages. It is difficult for someone to choose places to visit, among all the beauties of this place. It consists of four prefectures - Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion and Lassithi. As an island, has a highly advantageous geographical location, whilst Crete blends a rare composition of geographical as well as climatic conditions. The natural beauty of the island is quite impressive. All counties or if you prefer, all cities and villages have their own special history.

The Island’s size is such that is very easy to find isolated but not inaccessible beaches, of unique natural beauty.

Even nowadays, the local culture of Crete is apparent. The Cretans have a proud and rebellious soul and preserve countless customs until today. The celebration of Cretan marriage and baptism, can continue for days, during which, the Cretans local drink known as raki or tsikoudia, is offered.

A typical example of culture is the Cretan cuisine for which researches have shown that it increases dramatically the average of life. People prefer fresh local products and create delicious dishes with special local cuisine. Honey, yogurt, olive oil, wine and raki or tsikoudia of course, have the place that suits them, in the Cretan table.

The wonderful scenery, the important history, the diversity of local culture along with the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, will captivate your senses.

Sitia – the ancient gate of European Civilization!

Sitia is the most mild, calm and sweet face of Crete. A beautiful, small city in the south-eastern end of Crete. A city of constant presence and historic life, which starts from ancient times. Sitia is amphitheatrically built to protect the homonymous bay. Sitians are descendants of the Minoans, the Eteokliton by Homer, who loved life, entertainment and arts.

«Until today Sitia is a place of joy, fun and creativity. A place where life finds its strength. A place, that proudly continuous a long tradition of offering in literature, science and art» as Melina Mercouri said, former Minister of Culture.


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