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How to get there

Below you will find in Google map the location of our hotel. Consult the map on how to reach us.

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Flights to Sitia and Heraklion

Sitia airport receives direct flights from and to Athens, Rhodes, Alexandroupolis and Actium (not in a daily basis). Also from April to November, will be charter flights from the Netherlands and France.

To Heraklion airport, routes are on a daily basis from all over Greece and from many other places in Europe.

Ferries from Piraeus to Heraklion and Sitia

Fast ships do the itinerary Piraeus – Heraklion on a daily basis. There is also the option of a slower ship from Piraeus with intermediate stops before the arrival at the port of Sitia.

Road to Sitia

Select the rental car of your choice, to wait for you at Heraklion or Sitia airport. Also there are always taxis outside the airport. Otherwise we can arrange a taxi for you for the Sitia or Heraklion airport. There are also regular public bus routes from Heraklion and Agio Nikolao to Sitia.

For any questions about how you can get either in Sitia or our hotel, do not hesitate to contact us.


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